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Our prices

At Cura we believe communication is really important, and transparency and honesty are cornerstones of good, traditional service. 


Despite being one of the most highly rated providers in the country, our rates are extremely competitive.


Although they may seem similar to others, we offer greater value because unlike many others:

  • there are no hidden extras. Zero. Zip. Nada. No additional mileage or VAT charges;

  • we do not deduct travel time from the care you receive – meaning if you pay for an hour of care, you get an hour*

*It is a relatively common practice for other providers to effectively pass travel time costs on to you by reducing the care time you receive. They will allocate a percentage of your care time to travel, typically around 16%. This will mean, of the hour of care you pay for, your will receive around 50 minutes contact time. They will tell you it is to avoid passing an additional cost to you, but we manage to pay all our carers, in full, for their mileage, travel and waiting time, complying with all working time directives, out of the hourly rate we charge

Costs fluctuate across the country, but as a guide, the price below is a guide to the costs of our services:


for half an hour.

Visiting homecare cost: Our homecare visits start from as little as £20.39 for half an hour."


How much does it cost?

Typically, homecare services are billed on a per-visit basis. The minimum duration for a visit is usually around 30 minutes, but the actual length depends on the level of support required. For instance, assisting with morning routines might necessitate a slightly longer visit compared to helping with a light lunch.

Care agencies typically incorporate all related expenses, including staff salaries, payroll costs, mileage, personal protective equipment (PPE), and care management activities like assessments, reviews, and spot-checks, into their fees.

It’s worth noting that shorter visits tend to have relatively higher costs than longer ones, mainly due to fixed expenses like mileage and travel time, which remain constant regardless of the visit’s duration.


Telephone check-in

We also offer a unique telephone check-in service, starting from just £19.99 per month for one call per week. This is a service we designed to help tackle loneliness and isolation during the Coronavirus Pandemic. But it’s such a wonderful service, we have decided to keep it.

It’s of course not suitable for people in need of physical or personal care, but for those who may be physically able but at risk of loneliness and isolation it can be a lifeline. We also offer an automated call service that can be used to prompt or remind loved ones to do certain tasks, for example take their medication or lock the door at night. Our automated service costs just £16.99 per month for unlimited calls (no contract) and you get the first month completely free so you can test and see if it works for you

We can also integrate telephone check-ins to care packages to help you manage cost. For example, you may need help physically getting out of bed in the morning and back to bed in the evening, but during the day you may simply need a reminder to, for example, eat your lunch. In this example we could design a care plan that includes physical visits in the morning and evening and replace a lunch time visit with a call instead.

The service is completely bespoke, so we will work with you to find the most suitable and safe solution.

I thoroughly recommend Cura care’s phone support service. I have a call everyday at the same time to encourage me to get out of bed . I have Fibromyalgia, diabetes and other health problems that means I am exhausted all the time. The carers who call me are all very friendly and supportive. I need them to remind me what I need to do after waking up. This includes ensuring I have my many medications ready to take. Without this help I would be far more unwell than I am and extremely disorganised. This helps me to feel confident and calm, and confident that I will start my day well. This also means I fall asleep at night with no anxiety about getting up in the morning. So…a big thank you to Cura Homecare!!

Lizzie, customer